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Key Information

Bamble runs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Our seasons are six(ish) week blocks interspersed with one or two week breaks and longer holidays. Contact us for this year's dates.


Bamble is a non-profit childcare provision for home educated children. We can’t become a free school or state-funded because we refuse to test children or to follow a narrow and arbitrary national curriculum. We can only make this dream possible if all the families at Bamble contribute to the total costs - the venue hire, facilitator salaries, support costs. We’ll always keep our costs as low as we possibly can, and included within the cost are all resources and equipment, workshops, daily snacks and trips. The full fee is £53 per day.

Some families may be able to receive a 20% top up through the tax-free childcare scheme. This would bring the daily cost down to £43 per day.

If your family receives universal credit, you may be able to receive support for up to 85% of the fee, meaning that the daily fee you pay would be just £8.

Some of you may be hoping to send multiple children to Bamble. Your second child will receive a discount of 30% and your third child will receive a discount of 60%. That’s just £37 per day for your 2nd child, and £21
for any subsequent children.

Through our new accessibility fund, we are offering up to a 20% discount for families on lower incomes who aren't eligible for the other schemes listed above. If the cost is still a barrier, please get in touch and have a conversation with us.

Steps to Enrolling

1. Get in touch: call us, or email any questions to, read our website, watch our 30 minute presentation video. Make sure Bamble is right for you.

2. Enquiry: fill out our enquiry form. We will be in touch to arrange a follow up call or meeting.

3. Visit: come along and meet us in person and see the space.

4. Trial: join for a 3-week trial (first few days are completely free), to see if it feels like a good fit before enrolling.

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