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Our Team

Sally Hall

Founder and facilitator


I love working in spaces where children can spend their time doing the things that are meaningful to them! I really enjoy getting to know children and reflecting on how best to support them, and holding a safe and fun-filled space for them to explore the world around them.

I am a qualified teacher and experienced facilitator having worked in self-directed education since 2015. After my PGCE teaching French, I carried out an internship at Ecole de la Croisee des Chemins, a democratic school in Dijon, France. From 2017-19, I was a facilitator at Free We Grow, a self-directed learning community for home educated children in South East London (click here to read about my time there). I joined the Free We Grow holding team from 2022-23 as project manager. As Freedom to Learn Network Coordinator at Phoenix Education from 2017-2020, I organised the first three Freedom to Learn Forums, set up a peer support group for self-directed learning communities in the UK as well as a directory of SDE learning communities. I have recent training in: Outdoor Learning, Bushcraft, Safeguarding and Paediatric First Aid.

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Danny Whitehouse

Founder and facilitator

I like to ask questions… Who are you today? What do you need? What’s that, over there, where? Why on earth…? I believe we’re all born curious, that the world is an absolutely fascinating place and that our main job as facilitators of children’s growth & development is to try to see the world through their eyes and to notice and remove any barriers that get in the way of their natural learning process.  
As a facilitator at Bamble, I will be drawing on over a decade of experience leading youth work and democratic education projects, designing relational programmes of informal and self-directed learning. From the moment I learned about democratic education, I became an active member of EUDEC, and offered my services as a volunteer and education consultant at approximately 20 schools around mainland Europe (Poland, Germany, Netherlands & Denmark), and as a director of StudentVoice. I’ve been the dean of an international summer school, ORA, and chief executive of the only organisation working to promote democratic education in the UK: Phoenix Education, where Sally and I collaborated to create a network of self-directed learning communities, Freedom to Learn. I edited several books by Dutch pioneer, Bas Rosenbrand, including ‘A New Morning: co-create school with the children’ and ‘Roundspeak: how to have effective meetings’. In June 2023, I stepped down from my roles as head of youth work at local charity, MAP, where I led a team of 30+ professionals working with approximately 1000 young people per year, to involve them in the decisions they are affected by.

Chrissie Harris

Sessional facilitator

Chrissie is an experienced primary and early years teacher, with a passion for child-led education.
"Childhood is an enchanting time where colours are brighter, the air is clearer, sounds are louder and the days are full of magic. I believe that when we are born, we are born with awe and wonder, a natural curiosity about the world, passion and as we learn and grow endless questions. I am dedicated to supporting children to grow into whoever they want to be, through connection, questioning and reflection."


Isobel Chavez Anderson

Sessional facilitator

I am so excited to be a part of Bamble! I'm a qualified primary school teacher with experience working in Brighton and Quito, Ecuador. I'm really looking forward to start working in a project where I feel the vision aligns so well with my ethos. I'm also a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and am a big advocate for helping young people to regulate their emotions in a way that feels natural to them. In my spare time I love reading, making things and exploring all the world has to offer with my young family!

Fani Skamagki

Sessional facilitator

As a ceramic artist, I facilitate children to transform clay into the forms they imagine, stimulating imagination and creativity. Through Forest School and Permaculture design, I was inspired to give significant importance to nature connection and caring for children's holistic growth: to hold space for free play in nature so they can build resilience, self esteem and positive relationships; through learner-inspired, hands-on experiences to allow children to discover their own thythms and talents; and by holding fire circles to spark community creation, participation, and the sense of belonging.


Working With Us

This is our dream project, and we are looking for people to work with us who would think of it as a dream job. Facilitating self-directed education requires skill, sensitivity, self-awareness and years of practice. All learning and development stems from strong relationships. Facilitators build rapport, helping children feel safe in the equality, trust and mutual respect of their relationship. We get to know what children like and don’t like, what they find easy and what they find difficult. We create activities based on the emerging interests of children. We help restore harmony when conflicts happen without wielding adult power over children. We spend a lot of time reflecting together on children’s development, their interpersonal difficulties and their goals and needs. Think about the most transformational and special moments you’ve shared with your child. Was it obvious and visible exactly what you were doing? Maybe not, but it was surely felt!

We are currently welcoming applications for:

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